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You can now enjoy espresso with a healthy twist.

MannaBrew, a superfood espresso, is a coffee alternative without caffeine or acidity.

Enjoy a full rich espresso, high in nutritional value. The natural sugars in the Mesquite beans give the product a subtly sweet, rich, dark, caramel flavour.

Try our delicious coffee alternative with a bit of milk or cream for a truly yummy drink, or take it black for a more coffee-like experience.

One box of MannaBrew can make up to 30 cups and is double the strength of regular coffee. That's double of your regular brew! Check out how to make it here!

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Pack Size:

8oz (226g)

MannaBrew is made of 100% Mesquite beans, roasted to perfection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andre & Janine Bouwer
The coffee alternative that transformed our health

My wife and I were avid coffee drinkers, we both loved to drink coffee and a lot of it. The only problem was that I would suffer from skin rashes, especially on my face which was very embarrassing for me. Janine my precious and amazing blessing of a wife would feel pains and she would get athletes foot from the acid in her body. We both noticed that our hair would thin, our skin would be very dry and we were often very tired. In regards to being tired we also found that the normal response would be to just make another cup of coffee out of habit, which in turn made us feel even more drained. In the end, our health was not doing well. I literally starting praying for a replacement as tea just didn't seem to be that for me, although I like tea every now and then it didn't fill the void we felt when we started to remove coffee from our diet. I then met you at the Covenant Wealth Conference Breakfast and you handed us a box of your Mannabrew to try. We tried it and liked it but our palates at that time were still very much for coffee and we weren't yet sure how to measure how many spoons to use for the Mannabrew, So we made it way too strong at first. We then later had received another box of your Mannabrew from a friend and this time we absolutely loved it!!! We realized that giving a two week break from coffee and then having the Mannabrew again we had found our replacement for the coffee. Plus the added bonus was that our health was now doing great! I no longer had the rashes Janine did not have athletes foot or the pains anymore and our hair was thicker and we were no longer tired. We would feel very satisfied when having a cup of Mannabrew and one cup was sufficient for my day but I'm normally a two cup kind of guy :) This has become our go-to drink, we have even gone to restaurants and hoped that they would have your product there, we absolutely love your product! Thank you both to you and your team and I'm thankful that the Lord has brought your product to us, we are very thankful!

Roedolf du Toit
Bru, what a brew this is!

Don’t expect coffee, because its not coffee. It is an amazing alternative to coffee. Don’t want the caffeine, but still want a great tasting hot drink? Don’t want to compromise on your healthy lifestyle either? Then this superfood drink is made for you! I drink my coffee black, but I personally enjoy the Manna brew with a dash of milk (this is a common opinion among the people that have tasted the drink). To me, the milk enhances the nutty/caramelly taste. At first, it was a taste that most people had to get used to. After the first few sips you know what to expect, then it becomes better and better. It must be said, there were a handful of people that could just not get used to the taste. It was striking to see that it was the real coffee connoisseurs who appreciated and enjoyed the Mana Brew, especially those who couldn’t have caffeine at night.

Dévan de Lange
My new go-to for office coffee breaks

Having an office job forced me to become a bit of a coffee snob, as drinking the daily cup became a special and rewarding moment in a day. With surety, I am able to testify that Mannabrew has an exceptionally unique taste that left me wanting more. Not even to mention the health benefits it contains, it satisfied my daily fix. I starting to question my productivity at work, as I am continuously looking for an excuse to have a coffee break. Thank you Mannabrew for this “problem”.

Andrew Georgiou

I never drink coffee, never have! But after trying some of this mannabrew I’m seriously considering it! It’s delicious

Lyn Engelbrecht
Skeptical at first sip, sold by the second

I’m a huge cappuccino fan. So when I was first introduced by this new product called MannaBrew, I was highly sceptical! After the second sip, I was SOLD! The Smoothness, the creaminess, out of this world! Furthermore, it’s HEALTHY!!!!