What is MannaBrew?

The superfood “coffee” that’s changing the lives of everyone involved.

We’re not another coffee brand trying to convince you that our coffee is the best, because it is NOT COFFEE.

MannaBrew is, in fact, made from a superfood known as Mesquite, roasted in a similar way as coffee.

So you still get to enjoy a cup of rich, smooth, delicious dark liquid – but it is unlike anything that you have ever tasted before.

So to summarise… It looks like coffee, can be made the same ways as coffee, enjoyed the same way coffee would be, but it is a superfood and tastes super good!

What exactly is “mesquite”?

Quite simply, mesquite is a type of thorn tree. It bears its “fruit” in the shape of a long, pod-shaped legume. These legumes are what we use to craft the delicious beverage called MannaBrew.

The Mesquite tree is one of the hardiest trees on earth. Its roots can grow up to 50 meters, seeking precious water in desert areas.

From Wilderness to Cup

Mesquite being collected

Wild Harvested

The Mesquite tree (Prosopis glandulosa) is one of the hardiest trees on earth. Its roots can grow up to 50 meters, seeking precious water in desert areas.

As an invasive alien tree, it can cause havoc when it takes over precious farmland.
Once a year, normally by the end of January, the beans are ready to be collected and the harvesters must work fast before the animals eat these nutritious fruits.

Harvesting is a calculated operation because we must harvest the entire year’s supply within a matter of 2 to 3 weeks.
​The poorest of the poor get the opportunity to collect the beans which we purchase from them according to the weight they have collected. This helps to provide them with seasonal work and supports their local economy.

These trees only grow in the wild and are not cultivated, farmed, or nurtured in any way.

Mesquiet Pods

Slow Roasted

The processing plant for the Mesquite beans is in Somerset West, South Africa. The beans are stored in tightly sealed shipping containers, to keep them dry and secure.
Processing the beans is quite a challenge… We first have to clean them, and then they are slow roasted in a specialized oven at the exact temperatures to get a perfect roast, without burning the beans.

The roasted beans are milled in a two-phase speciality grinder, then blended to get a right consistency in order to be used in as many different methods of coffee brewing as possible.

The blended Mesquite Espresso is packed in specially made bags to secure shelf life.
The uniquely designed MannaBrew packaging is made from biodegradable materials, and is fully recyclable.

MannaBrew Coffee Alternative

Rich in Flavor,
​Superfood Espresso

The slow roasting process brings out the natural sweetness and unique flavors of this superfood from nature.

The Mesquite Espresso has no caffeine, but the essential sugars from the Mesquite beans are known to energise and uplift, similar to caffeinated coffee, but without the negative side effects.

Also, MannaBrew will not cause acidity in the body, nor acid reflux.
The Mesquite beans are hand selected in the wild to secure consistent flavor, batch after batch.

Once you have tasted MannaBrew, everything else will taste a bit bland.

This is not just another consumer product –

This is a product that changes lives.

The lives of the people who drink it, by offering them an alternative hot drink that still gives them the full coffee experience, whilst being a superfood that does not damage the body, but rather helps it.

The lives of the local workers who collect the pods, by providing them with a source of incoming in the poverty-stricken areas, so they too can provide for their families. This, in turn, gives a massive boost to the local economy in the area where the pods are collected.

The lives of the farmers on whose farms these trees grow, who have more time, energy, and resources to produce food when the much-needed water and land is not being used by the rapidly spreading mesquite trees.

Let’s look at the numbers

Stopping the Spread

Each 8oz box of MannaBrew contains an average of 75 Mesquite seed pods, which adds up to about 1125 seeds. Research indicates that an average of 35% of these seeds germinates within the first year.

This means that each box of MannaBrew has the potential to prevent another 393 new trees from invading valuable farmland over the next year, and the number grows exponentially from there as each tree produces more seed!

Saving Water

The water usage of the average mesquite tree is 19 cubic inches per year, which means that with each box of MannaBrew you help to save 7467 cubic inches (32 gallons) of precious underground water per year.

Creating Jobs

Currently, about one thousand people are involved each year during the harvesting process.

This crowdfunding campaign can help to increase the number of jobs created to just over 10 000, bringing an income to people involved, as well as their families.

This would have a massive impact, as the unemployment rate in the Northern Cape where the Mesquite pods are harvested is currently at 40%!